Just For Parents

Helping Parents of Teens with Type 1 Diabetes

Stressed out about raising a teen with type 1 diabetes?

Just for Parents is an online program to help parents who are struggling with teens who have type 1 diabetes.

Co-created by Dr. William Polonsky and Dr. Nicole Johnson, this program is designed to help you evaluate the amount and kind of distress you may be experiencing, what might be contributing to your distress, and tips to help deal with it. After taking a brief anonymous assessment, you will receive personalized results, tips, information, and an opportunity to participate in a research project.

Just for Parents is designed to explore the impact of type 1 diabetes on you, your teen, and your family.

I did go on the website and take the parent quiz and I thought it was fascinating...when I started taking this quiz online, I realized wow, there are some things in our communication that we need to work on...

- Cindy M.

Just for Parents is not a general educational website program for diabetes. The focus is on the emotional side of diabetes, and what you can do to help manage the stresses that come with being a parent of a teen with type 1 diabetes. If you looking for more general information about teens with diabetes, please click on the Resources link up top.